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What will Unchained Carrot Provide?

· A landing page based on templates which will be adjusted to wishes of the client following a predefined form (content and design).

· Technical definition of the reward.

· Technical definition of the redeeming process and guidance. 

· Free 30 minutes Marketing consulting call with our experts.

...after implementation

· Our team will be avilable for the support on
· Additional modifications or additional rewards cost € 29

· For additional set-ups cost is € 99.

· Costant updates and insights coming from the campaign and the UTM links. 

· Available via email monday to friday from 9:30 am to 18:30 pm.

What we can't provide

· Our team will be avilable for the support only on

· Marketing skills such as designing and copywriting, running and operating the marketing campaigns should be solely done by the client.

· Unchained Carrot does not provide hardware.