How much do you think Blockchain will affect marketing?

From Loyalty programs to digital gamification, networking, and security,

it’s sure blockchain will revolutionize marketing.

Unchained Carrot-Making rewards more valuable- omnichannel solutions-for all businesses-decentralization

Within the next 10 years we will see an enormous change in the internet landscape. New technologies such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence will, and are already, shaping the behaviors of the internet community. Especially driven by Millennials and Gen Z, Blockchain is been receiving massive adoption among both consumers and companies.

People and especially young people dream that a truly decentralized internet may someday become a reality. As we’ve previously seen with e-commerce, for example, the advent of blockchain will change the professional and interpersonal behaviors of both consumers online and offline. By changing their behaviors this technology has the potential to disrupt the marketplace and offer innovative solutions that would ultimately benefit the consumer. 

Recently, in its current iteration, blockchain has created new opportunities for both company and digital marketing firms, especially in the activities of fundraising (ICOs), supply chain transparency, affiliations and referrals. In the past few years, these companies have spurred an incredible amount of opportunities and for each activity, they have ultimately provided more value to their customers, with higher efficiency and lower costs.

Out of the recent years of experience, we can outline the main pain point blockchain applications that will solve in the next future:

  • Eliminating the middle man
  • Increasing transparency
  • Providing better use of data
  • Improving security and privacy
  • Securing transparency

Unchained Carrot is in the front line when it comes to disrupting marketing through blockchain. Our system allows immediate value for both companies and customers by eliminating intermediaries’ costs, providing better use of data with fewer operations costs, while improving the security of the system and the privacy of our users. Additionally, our system provides more engaging experiences and cross-organizational opportunities.


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