A new era in customer loyalty ambassadorship

Gather data of your offline customers to grow

your business both offline and online.

Finally there is a way to convert your store visitors into digital profiles

  • Improve loyalty with more than 30%
  • Upgrade your offline clients into also online clients
  • Gather data and get to know your customer
  • Improve lifetime value of your customers
  • Acquire new customers via brand ambassadors
  • 1 out of 5 customers will bring a new customer

Merge Online & Offline!

Merging world-class growthacking with bleeding edge technology.


Viral win campaigns​

Double sided referral programs​

Truly omni-channel integrations

Loyalty programs

Customer ambassadors

Customer data enrichment innitiatives

Business value through customer data

How we do it?

Not just technology, but also services.

1 - Build the infrastructure​

- Build infrastructure to gather customer data.
- Use QR code posters in offline stores.​

2 - Develop campaigns​

- Smart campaigning
- Growth programs​

3- Scale your business

- Leverage all data gathered in phase 1 and 2
- Program to scale your business

You use Google & Facebook, we use 200+ additional channels plus
the most disruptive technologies

How does it work?

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