Real-Time Marketing Reward Engine

We enable digital marketing professionals by offering the next generation of marketing solutions.
Our solutions are created by combining our expert knowledge on blockchain and advanced analytics
in collaboration with world-class marketers and growth hackers.
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Customer Retention and Growth

Provide real-time personalized rewards an incentives
Derive data to gain a complete customer understanding
Trigger real-time events based on parameters you design
Design custom event-webs around customer engagement
Stamp out counterfeit goods by using our blockchain/IoT combo
Allow consumers to verify claims about provenance and fair trade
Gain data by making data collection fun for customers using gamification
Fully integrates with platforms like Segment and

Reward distribution service

Promote your products and services during your marketing campaign by distributing automatically points representing rewards, discounts or gifts in the form of tokens, based on blockchain technology. Blockchain makes the whole process more efficient, cost-effective, safe and transparent.

Digital Loyalty Programs

Provide incentives to repeat customers who demonstrate loyal buying behavior, with the help of Blockchain Technology. Successful programs are designed to motivate customers in a business’s target market to return often, make frequent purchases, and shun competitors.

Referral Marketing

Bring new members and generate new leads for your business. Referred By Me encourages your members to enroll in the referral program by offering them the possibility to earn tokens. Create referral programs to drive traffic to your landing pages and social media channels. Members share referral links with their friends and get rewarded every time one of their friends visits you.

Organic Marketing automation tools

Just by asking your team to engage with your content the moment it’s been posted, you can heavily increase LinkedIn’s algorithm perceived value.
Flick allows you to automate your team members’ likes to not bother them every time you are posting on LinkedIn. Flick auto-engages with your content on your colleagues’ behalf so they can keep their focus on other productive things.

Sales Insights tools

Dip net it’s an automation tool to increase the quality of your organic reach on LinkedIn and that helps you saving time on connections that are inactive or not interesting for you or your business