About us

What we do

Our product is a suite of reward-based and real time marketing applications consisting of proprietary technologies and third-party integrations with well-known services. It is a complete solution built to be right in the intersection of different services and marketing needs yet still disjointed. Unchained Carrot has been developed by combining the know-how and technologies developed by the founding team of flashboys.io, an experienced team specialized in marketing technologies and Blockchain. Unchained Carrot suite of products is run by a proprietary Blockchain engine that manages the system and its logics. The blockchain element allows our system to be much more efficient than competitors at scale, making us and our customers “Future-proof”. Our product is certainly a real-case example of blockchain technology really being used for marketing purposes. Our company is being founded on the promise of enabling marketing professionals to fully harness the potential of blockchain technology in the digital marketing space.
As of January 2020, our real-time reward-based marketing solution is ready to go to the market.

Who we are

The Founding team has relevant market experience and technological know-how
Mark Noorlander, CEO, entrepreneur, blockchain

Mark Noorlander - CEO

Mark is a high-energy serial entrepreneur who's dictionary does not contain the word "impossible". He has been active in the blockchain space since 2016 and has co-founded several successful projects and companies in both the Netherlands and Italy.
Walter Thoen, CTO, blockchain, AI

Walter Thoen - CTO

Walter is the technical brain of the company and has an extensive background in AI and blockchain. With his 20 years of project management experience he now devotes all his efforts into building a world-class technical infrastructure for UnchainedCarrot.
Irene De Donatis, CDO, visual design, blockchain

Irene De Donatis - CDO

Irene is a highly skilled and hands-on visual designer and product manager. She loves a challenge, she always shows deep commitment and dedication to her work. She is technically skilled and has 5 years of experience in working with decentralized apps.
Bjorn Zeeman, CRO, Gartner, analytics

Björn Zeeman - CRO

Björn is an experienced business leader. From advising boards on technology while working for a leading global strategy firm, to working on artificial intelligence in university labs and driving growth using advanced analytics and digital marketing solutions, Björn has done it all.
Andrea De Francisci_bw

Andrea De Francisci - CMO

Andrea is an experienced Business Developer. He is specialized in Marketing and Fintech. He as extensive experience with real-case applications of Blockchain and AI to Trading, Marketing and Auditing. Andrea worked and developed successfully various products and companies raising over $1m in funding.
Marco Olivieri

Marco Olivieri - UX/UI Designer

Marco is a visual and graphic designer. He is specialized in User Experience and User Interface Design. Passionate about media communication, he finds new aesthetic solutions to implement the user journey. He has 3 years of experience in working with graphic softwares.

Why Unchained Carrot

We use the word “Carrot” as a metaphor for a reward and “Unchained” because finally, we can exploit the benefits that decentralized applications can bring to every business, from the small companies to big enterprises. In light of past experiences, the system has been designed to cover the objectives of organic retention, growth, and loyalty .